Breathe Easy, You've Found Me ((HUGS))

People will wonder why this blog is needed, why minority midwifery student? It's very simple actually; I was looking for this blog...but I couldn't find I created it. We all have unique experiences, and every experience, every story, can help someone else. I am a black girl from the hood at an ivy league professional school. That, alone, is reason enough to write. Somebody was looking for this blog. Someone wanted proof that what I'm doing can be done - even when you come from where we come from.

To that person especially, WELCOME.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Full Swing

There's a party going on at darkdaughta's, but I have to start studying again. I wish it had started a little earlier! A long, entangled, ongoing conversation about race, love, marriage, sexuality, gender, silence, memory, blackness, motherhood and so many other things. You should check it out. My new silence over there is not because I don't want to post...I am simply back in my reality, which leaves no room for the mental work required to engage in the ways I would like to over there. It's dangerous to get sidetracked in this program...but god I wish I could lose my mind in the party. I set up a little list in my side bar of the folks currently at the party...



Back to life.


Dark Daughta said...

Oh thank you! I wrote this over at my place. :)

Dark Daughta said...

But now Julian's fully there and it's cool. But I'm missing your input. When are you coming back?

Loving Pecola said...

I gotta to my own blog first LMAO! It's been...crazy. I wanted to add sunflowerseedgirl to the party blog roll...but there isn't a website fore her?? Do you know?

But some stuff from my week is over lapping a little with what happening at your place (specifically some things about telling the truth/speaking vs silence in midwifery), so when I post *feel free* to take it over to your place for discussion among everyone else, I'll try to stay up to date on posts so I can chime in a little!

Dark Daughta said...

oh, hugs! I'm hope that the transition back into school is working out. Ask the man to go visit Papi's blog. I know Papi would love to hear from him.