Breathe Easy, You've Found Me ((HUGS))

People will wonder why this blog is needed, why minority midwifery student? It's very simple actually; I was looking for this blog...but I couldn't find I created it. We all have unique experiences, and every experience, every story, can help someone else. I am a black girl from the hood at an ivy league professional school. That, alone, is reason enough to write. Somebody was looking for this blog. Someone wanted proof that what I'm doing can be done - even when you come from where we come from.

To that person especially, WELCOME.

Friday, July 25, 2008


And I happen to be really happy lately.

Feels so good.

Digging Deep

I'm just living inside my own head right now.

Trying to nourish myself, my brain, my heart, my body.

Trying to hear my own voice again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th, Home, and Hair

It's been a moody few days. The holiday came and I was miserably homesick. We stayed in the (dark) house the whole day and didn't venture out until 10pm to see a movie downtown. The man had bought me some sparklers, so when we came back from the movie we sat outside and I played with those and it was right at midnight by then. Back home the usual street-blocked-by-barricades-for-fireworks-family-BBQ was in full swing. New babies, old friends, and good food. We were supposed to go to a work BBQ, but didn't make it out the house. I just wasn't in the mood for random conversation. I miss...everything. I didn't cook either, but yesterday I cooked what I would have cooked (jerk chicken, kale and collard greens, and yams) Then I finally cut my dreads out on Friday night which was...emotionally painful. I was left with about 2 inches of hair (less than an inch in the back) which I promptly got braided up. The hair appointment turned out to be a a pretty good pick me up with a beautifully ghetto salon with not air for the first few hours I was there, filled with African women speaking french most of the time, and videos of african dance and drumming playing on the TV. 7 hours later, I was again homesick (albeit a different kind of home, but home nonetheless)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Final Say

In one of the previous posts I was talking about having the final say in me and the man's relationship when it comes to child rearing...

Russell wants the world to know that the same goes for the mama of his babies, so back the hell up... why do ya'll care how much money a billionaire provides his family anyway?